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Let's face it; planning a reunion can be a lot of work. There's a lot of stuff to do and remember. Wouldn't it be nice to get some FREE HELP from professionals who do this for a living?

Our team at ReunionDB has planned over 7,500 high school reunions, more than anyone else in the country. We want to give you FREE IDEAS and helpful TIPS we've learned and used over the last 30 years. Whether this is your first time planning a reunion or you're an old pro, we know these IDEAS will help make sure your reunion is a success.

 Your Best Event Program
 16 Fun Award Options
Staying Organized Online
Keeping Your Ticket Price Low
Designing Great Memorabilia


ReunionDB made planning our 40th reunion so much easier! We tried for several months to do it on our own and that was a struggle. Once we got ReunionDB on board, it was so straight forward. Don't hesitate!

Gail Kenny

Aragon High School CA – Class of 1977

I just do not know how I can thank ReunionDB enough for all their help in the planning of our 40 year high school reunion. Without them, things would have been a lot harder and I would have been overwhelmed. Thank you so much!

Cuqui Ramos

Miami Killian High School FL – Class of 1977

Our class has over 850 names, and it was an overwhelming task just thinking about where to begin. My reunion was a huge success because of ReunionDB.

Carrie Worthington

Carl Sandburg High School IL – Class of 1977

We worked with ReunionDB to plan our 40th high school reunion. We had more than 200 classmates attend out of a graduating class just over 400! I highly recommend ReunionDB!

Pam Gleeson

Lake Forest High School IL – Class of 1977

ReunionDB is a “must have” if you’re planning and organizing a reunion. We were continually being complimented on how organized we were. Little do they know it was all REUNIONDB! See you in 2022 for our 45th!

Terry Lathrop

Monterey High School CA – Class of 1977

The ReunionDB team was fantastic! They saved us hours of time. And with all these things handled for us, we could focus on the more value added aspects of planning the reunion. I highly recommend ReunionDB.

Brad Winegar

Jordan High School UT – Class of 1977

We couldn't have been more pleased with the recommendations and support from ReunionDB! They were incredibly responsive and kept us on schedule which led to a fantastic turnout!

Cathy Winge

St. Louis Park High School MN – Class of 1977

ReunionDB was the best way to go! It was so organized and easy to plan. We couldn't have done it better. They kept us on a simple timeline and everything fell in to place perfectly.

Jessie Flanagan

Cherry Creek High School CO – Class of 1977

Our FREE “Professional Reunion Planning Tips” answers the following questions:

What about the reunion event itself?

We give you ideas for your program, make suggestions for awards, and give you decorating tips.

Is there a better way than a spreadsheet to manage the event?

The right tool will maximize efficiency, save time, and help you stay organized.

How do I keep the ticket price low?

We give you tips on how to make your reunion affordable and still be an event your classmates will remember for years to come.

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